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Our family house (St Julien-Molin-Molette)
Our family house is located at St Julien-Molin-Molette in the park of Pilat, not far from the center of the village..
It is a part of a cluster of houses built on the same model for the workers of spinning mills on pure silk, growth of an industry which marked the second half of the XIXth century.
A former weaving workshop attached to the house,which contained 5 looms, was transformed into workshop for family and relatives
Our daughter Christine and her family also live in the center of the village above her pottery workshop OCREMENT that she ran for years until 2015.
Our son Rodolphe rents a collective garden on the other side of the river Ternay, where he practises a combination of organic culture and permaculture.
For the watering of the gardens which are above the river , he settled an original system which works without contribution of energy, the "pompe bélier", hydraulic ram designed the first time by Joseph Montgolfier in 1792.
It uses the kinetic energy of the water channelled in a pipe ended by a pump comprising 2 lids and a compression chamber, it allows to raise the water towards a reservoir situated at the top of gardens 10m higher.
It manages to raise 1.5 m3 / day, what is widely enough for about ten shared gardens.